Low Cost

Economically priced service



Receipt Entry time as low as 3 -4 seconds



Implementation time as low as 15 days depending on the property type and data.

Why choose Flexi Web Services?

Flexi Web Service (SAAS) is an add-on that allows you to have a full remote view of Flexi PMS and RMS software just the way they are on the desktop system. The cloud-based solution permits users which could be directors, managers, accountants, etc., have a quick overview of daily business transactions across all locations, and ensures access to real-time reports and analysis of business performance. The cloud solution allows you to monitor and analyze sales across several locations with great accuracy at a glance.

Transaction Analysis: Flexi Web Reports gives users an overall analysis of the business activities and performance. These include:

Transaction Reports: Flexi Web Reports gives users access to a wide range of reports in real-time. These reports include


  1. Mobile Order Management: This feature allows users to place orders within the restaurant using their mobile phones without contacting the waiter/waitress. The contactless ordering system enables restaurant guests to view the digital menu, place an order and pay without the need for any human contact.
  1. Live chat: This enables customers and users to send instant messages across different locations while ordering.

Contactless Guest Checkin and Check out: As hotels start to reopen their doors to allow guest in, guest safety is paramount. With Flexi Web Services guest can:

Our Working Process



We shall set up a meeting with the prospective client to understand their needs and problems. Then, our team of professionals will conduct a site survey. Finally, we would recommend appropriate solutions.



Following from the consultation phase, we will draft and send a detailed proposal which will contain information about the proposed solution(s) our team would be offering. This is also the phase where we will discuss and finalize the commercials of the proposal.



Once payment has been confirmed and all data collected, our team will be mobilized for deployment. The duration for deployment is usually between 1 – 30 days, although this is dependent on the frequency at which data is received from the client.


Training and support

After the deployment of the software, owners, managers and users are trained based on their roles and functions. The training team usually ensures that the trainees understand the solution and also allow for quality interaction during and after the training sessions. We also provide training manuals for personal use or further guidance. Upon complete deployment and training of our solutions, we offer one-year free support to our clients. However, support from the second-year will be payable.